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01And so it began

From the beginning.

Stories are there to be told. Over the years, this may no longer have been handed down truthfully But at least it’s been passed down. So this is how it all began: it was 2015 and it was a balmy summer night. Birds were bedding down after their busy search for food. The sky was dark red. Frogs croaked. Chirps chirped. Crickets were barbecuing.

The moon in its crescent-shaped splendor is already on its way to conquer the heavens. A starry night could be guessed. A night like no other. To mark the occasion, a raven’s feather filled with mother-of-pearl swung as if by magic and she wrote words on mark the occasion, a raven’s feather filled with mother-of-pearl swung as if by magic and she wrote words on papyrus. Few but meaningful. Short but expressive. Words to give a name to a former independence. A name that is both musically directed, positive in its statement itself, and could be used for business design, graphics and marketing…

Admittedly, a bit crazy. Perhaps one of our idiosyncrasies. But: We think positively, network in moderation, exercise daily and eat together. We work hard and continue to develop. We create trust and worry (a little). We read a lot, write ourselves and communicate even more. We listen to music and make it too. We volunteer and relax in between. We have a calling and we live it out.

put it (un)creatively: we like to go further and that is precisely why we have found favor. And now you too.

So that's how it was
the challenge

02Full Service Agentur

We can take care of all this for you.



From strategy, planning, artist booking, graphic design to production, implementation, personnel management, ticketing, administration, merchandise and catering. Simply everything that belongs to an event. We bring you visitors. And not just ourselves.



Everything you imagine marketing to be. Online and offline, in any case below the line. We develop brands, strengthen and consolidate them. Marketing accompanies us in various forms throughout the day. For many, however, this area is still a mystery. But we are the Mynisters.


Graphic design

Everything you need right from the start, such as corporate design, logo design, website and business stationery. Everything you use on an ongoing basis, such as posters, flyers, brochures, screen designs, roll-ups and beach flags. In paths, pixels and vectors. In your color. In your style. Your face to the outside.


Brand activation

Actually counts as marketing. But it's an art all of its own. Sponsorship concepts for highly emotional moments and for a very specific target group. We know: A logo graveyard is no place for living brands to attack. And sometimes also to taste.


Digital distribution

Your sales channel. Implemented by us for you using online marketing such as website, search engine marketing (SEM) and social media. Whether Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads - we make your content real and tangible. With creativity. With humor. With charm. With authenticity. With a wink. According to your requirements, of course.



Incentives, conferences, trade fair appearances, promotional campaigns, in fact everything for which you need high-quality technology and motivated helpers. Finding the location, planning the implementation, coordinating the execution, hiring the right suppliers, implementing the event on site. That is our daily bread.



Food Good. Drinks Good. All good. From Leberkas to Alpine kebabs and Leckomio ice cream treats. We can prepare, deliver and distribute it. In an Airstream, in a food truck or as a fold-out container. And we eat what's left, because it's really delicious.


Party at the Leitner Gut

Having your own event location is a dream. In our case a manor house. Not a conventional agricultural estate, not a stately country residence. Instead, there are two rustic wooden barns and a vault. Not only is everything good, but everything is possible. Nevertheless, not everything is done, but only what fits. To the place. To the good. To the guest.



Promotional items, textiles, giveaways or new products. We deliver ideas. We design and produce. You scatter or sell - in the webshop or in the store around the corner. Merchandising means more than just placing logos. It means sharing your passion with people. We have passion. To share. For everyone.


Tiny houses

Where (dream) rooms come true. Where home can be anywhere. At the campsite. On your own property. In tourism. With a completely new accommodation principle. Mobility and flexibility meet maximum living comfort. A building philosophy that respects our environment. Passion. Austrian resources. Regional value creation. Wood as a material.

03Clients & Partners

We work for
and of course a lot with